Digital Divide (Infographic)




In this Infographic I wanted to capture the different areas of ‘digital divides.’ Digital divides can happen in any country or area, not just ones with low socio-economic status. The one laptop per child project focuses on children around the world being given a laptop that contains software and hardware, so they are able to learn with the use of digital technology. Another side of the digital divide is where parents are encouraged to supply their child with technology, so they are able to learn with the use of digital technology beside their peers.

I only just realised that I did not post my infographic to the Discussion Board, so I am unable to say how I changed my infographic in response to the feedback received. I can, however, respond that I did make some changes to my infographic over the time of creating it. I first started by listing some statistics about the internet and computers, showing how many people around the world are connected by digital technology. I changed this because I wanted to focus more on the different types of digital divides that are encountered. 


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