What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest ?
Pinterest is a website which allows users to pin items online onto a board, so you are able to save them and access them with ease. Pinterest allows you to pin objects of any subject: food, travel, celebrities; anything, onto your board. By joining the website, for free, you are able to search the Pinterest website for anything you desire, for example your favourite TV show, recipes, the best hikes in the Blue Mountains; and different pins will show up regarding your search. It has become so popular, that according to Smith (2014), Pinterest has 70 million users, and has pinned 30 billion pins so far.

Many people use Pinterest for ‘inspiration boards,’ I quickly made one up in ten minutes which focused on places I would like to see, things I would like to do, and people I would love to meet. The Pinterest search tool allowed me to search these places, people or things and quickly pin items onto my ‘Bucket List’ board. Pinterest is a very easy to use, addictive website that is used by many people around the world. The website’s slogan says it all, “a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you” (Pinterest, 2014).

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