Week 6 Scratch presentation

This week I created a video using Scratch, a creative website which allows users to produce videos with looks, sounds, controls and more. The creation of this video took more time than I thought it would, I guess I had never considered how much works goes into such a small clip of video. I enjoyed using it, but it took a while for me to understand the different options and controls. After spending approximately 5 minutes playing around with the different options within the video, I began to make the video. I found once I had tried the different options and functions I was able to use them more easily.

My video is based on a dragon and knight who are looking for the princess. I used different techniques including gliding, waiting, saying, and go to, to produce the video. I created the theme of dragons and knights as my 3 year old son loves creating stories about dragons and princesses.

I believe the use of these videos could be incorporated into a classroom, to show instructions in a fun way, or to explain something. I also believe older primary students could use the Scratch website to create their own video.

The link to my Scratch video is:


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